Language in the range of human expression is only a fraction of how we are able to communicate.

Fast feast

Fast Feast.

House paint, acrylic paint, spray paint, liquid acrylic inks on canvas.

Fast feast is my experience of one week of painting in the smallest possible cabin on a lakeside. It’s a study of scale. It’s a thought of an ant in a lake and the experience of current space through this insect.

The scale doesn’t matter when it comes to patterns and how they naturally appear. It’s all the same: I am tiny, yet enormous.

Flat hill

Flat Hill

Alcohol inks, acrylic paints, gel inks, and markers on paper.

No living on survival and chronic stress. No energy to compete, predict nor manipulate. No feeling of being separated from others and feeling disconnected.

Full future

Full Future

Gouashe paint, paint markers and markers on paper.

Choosing creation over consuption. Living in creation and finding  accomplishments on what we already
have, rather than motivate ourselves with what seems impossible. Living
in this environment and time concentrating on things we’re able to
do today and not on those that keep us struggling for years.

Knotty squid

Knotty squid

Alcohol ink, gel ink and acrylic paint on paper.

Through the lens of an insect, a planet, or a cell, we can turn our attention towards more and more complicated systems.

Chasing the feeling of losing the understanding of my position and scale, since the world can never be fully understood through human proportions.

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